Linda Diane Raeburn Bulloch

20090405_0113Scottish Artist Linda Bulloch is a graduate from Edinburgh College of Art and over the years has established a working studio in  the city of Edinburgh. Linda works with a range of subject matter as catagorised within  the subsections of her "welcome page". Figure and costume predominant but she also likes the variation of working with architecture and wildlife. Athough some of her work is representional her style varies and often veers  towards abstract realism.

Artist Statement

I have a great interst in people. How they project themselves, which probable interlinks with having also studied Pschology. What makes a person tick? I enjoy working with the figure and costume as a form of narrative. Appearnances are deceiving and hide many other layers of a person. Some of my work is contemplative , in that the figure is looking out at or away from the viewr into the distance. The question is what is he/she thinking? what's going on within the painting? What is the narrative? Is it all an act?


Life is a stage where we perform projecting certain parts of our self using personality traits, facial experssion, posture together with dressing a certain way, all enablers to play out diffrent roles, but is that ? The converse of this is the need to let go, switch off , retreat and heal; the focus of my other iterst, the subject of sleep, dreams and thoughts. Time to withdraw from that performance stage.

I work in a variety of mediiums and enjoy combinihg diffrent medius and experimenting with diffrent surfaces. Colour choices are also important to me and can be emotive. When working with ink I like to use sticks found when out walkin, never ink pens for me they are too restrictive. 




  • BA (hons) Drawing & Painting
  • Bsc (hons) Psychology
  • City & Guild in Adult teaching
  • City & Guild in Interior Design
  • Foundation in Art therapy
  • Foundation in Art History
  • Foundation in Social Science

Recent Exhibitions

  • Edinburgh Art Fair, Gallery,Green Apple Sea, 2019
  • Edinburgh Art Fair,  Gallery, Arte In Europa, 2018
  • Edinburgh Art Fair,  Gallery, Arte In Europa, 2017
  • Musa artcafe, Aberdeen, May 2009
  • 2Converge, Out of the Blue, Edinburgh 2008
  • Parallels, Out of the Blue, Powerhouse, Edinburgh 2008
  • South Queensferry Art Festival, Queensferry 2006
  • Edinburgh Art college 2006
  • Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh 2006
  • Grounded, Roxy Gallery, Edinburgh 2005
  • Edinburgh Art college 2005
  • Match, Southside, Edinburgh 2004
  • Cafe Artista, Edinburgh 2003



  • Interiors Newbattle Golf Club
  • Stationery world, Edinburgh
  • Loanhead Gala
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